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Today: 25.9.1880, Prof. Dr. Waldemar Koch (1880-1963)

Koch was one of the few industrial engineers in the auditing profession. His personality combined science, economics and technology. He was a chartered accountant with an engineering background, a manager in the electrical industry, a university teacher of business administration and a liberal politician. Koch, a citizen of economics and education, left behind a wide-ranging oeuvre of publications covering economic and business administration, credit economics and technical topics as well as the first overall presentation of the auditing profession after 25 years of its existence. Weiterlesen

Today: 28.7.1899, Dr. jur. Hans Adler (1899-1966)

Adler was one of Germany’s most prominent auditors from the 1930s to the 1960s. In his person, outstanding professional achievements were combined with journalistic skills and diplomatic aptitude. Weiterlesen

Today: 24.6.1883, Walter Susat (1883-1960)

Walter Susat was a highly mobile, social climber who took up the study of the new, institutionally not yet established business administration at an early stage. In his professional life, he distinguished himself with diverse experiences in university, civil service and private business. After the National Socialists’ “seizure of power” in spring 1933, the auditor resigned from the board of the Reich-owned auditing company “Treuarbeit” and the board of the auditors’ association “Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer”.


Today: 28.5.1901, Dr. Dmitrij Fritz Möhle (1901-1965)

Fritz Möhle was a leading official in the German auditing profession from the 1940s to the 1960s at national and international level. Weiterlesen

Today: 27.3.1906, Dr. Hermann Karoli (1906-1996)

by USArmy Photographers


With the accountant Hermann Karoli, an elite member is portrayed who, despite belonging to the Waffen-SS and working responsibly for an SS authority central to the concentration camp system, not only continued his career in the Federal Republic of Germany, but expanded it. He was considered the most important management consultant of the 1960s and 1970s.


Today: 4.2.1897, Dr. Fritz Rittstieg (1897-1973)

Fritz Rittstieg is a good example of a professional career in business that began in the 1920s and – notwithstanding the dedicated support of the National Socialist regime – continued in the Federal Republic.


Today: 30.1.1896, Dr. Hermann Anatol Ertel (1896-1967)

Hermann A. Ertel was a prominent official in the German auditing and fiduciary profession in the 1920s to 1940s, who also made a name for himself as the author and editor of important professional manuals. Weiterlesen